About us

We connect StartUps with medium-sized businesses and Sals Angels for a successful collaboration. Because we understand that the biggest challenges of medium-sized businesses are the digitalization and development of innovative technologies. StartUps on the other hand need capital and the right sales channels to scale and grow. Collaboration gives established companies access to innovations and the latest technologies. A cooperation opens up new distribution channels and access to potential investors. A Perfect Match!


Our company’s history began when our founder and current CEO, Bernhard Schindler, had to experience how difficult it is for a newly founded company to land its first orders when setting up his first StartUp. Without the strategic development of a stable network with reliable contacts from various industries, Bernhard would never have been able to realize a company valuation in the double-digit million range within a few years.

The goal of SALSUP is the logical consequence of this experience: We want to support StartUps and medium-sized businesses in their challenges through networking and collaboration to achieve sustainable success.

Become part of the success story!

“Doing what you do best with joy and at eye level”, says our founder.
“This is what makes us successful and is also our definition of SALSUP!”


We are the creative minds behind SALSUP right from the start. We all put our heart and soul into what we do and love what we do. For us, SALSUP does not mean work, but passion. Together, we are passionate about advancing StartUps with medium-sized businesses and Sals Angels through successful collaboration.


Bernhard Schindler

Founder, Shareholder & CEO

He has already successfully built up 2 StartUps. With SalsUp he fulfilled a long awaited wish: to invest himself.

Jannis Brendel

Co-Founder & CFO

Co-founder of SalsUp GmbH, who as Head of Finance and Controlling keeps an eye on the profitability of the company.


Sabrina Kaindl

Head of Marketing

She has already gained experience in two other StartUps and is now making sure that the world knows about SalsUp.


Patrick Müller

Sales Director

As team leader of our sales partners, he is responsible for the active development of the team, its planning, support and control.


consisting of altogether 41 talents responsible for development, product management, UX, marketing, PR, selling and service.

SALSUP corporate manager

We are visionaries, lateral thinkers, conceptionists, strategists and sleeve-high carders with a distinctive StartUp spirit. We break new ground and shape the future actively rather than passively. We believe in strong, tangible visions and that they can be used to successfully implement goals.

A completely new sales channel in DACH and you can actively participate. Experience the enthusiasm of our customers every day, help them to advance their innovations, show them a new way.

“Without visibility, every business model remains just an idea.”



Patrick Müller
Director Sales & Corporates