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Memberships & Pricing

StartUps register for free. Medium-sized businesses use SALSUP thanks to various rates at particularly favorable conditions with full access and scope of service.


Free of charge



Corporate rates

  • Click – Pay per use

  • Pro Trial – Test for 3 months

  • Pro – Unlimited number of accesses

  • Enterprise – Multiple companies




  • Pitch once, 24/7, 365 days online

  • Opportunity for distribution channels and capital

  • Receive collaboration requests from decision makers

  • Access to 100,000 StartUps

  • Access to innovative StartUps

  • Extensive search filters

  • Real-time updates via push und e-mail

  • Access to Select StartUps

  • Participation in competitions and investments

  • Individual product search

  • Latest innovations in our Showroom

  • Sales collaborations & private investments

  • All daily updates at a glance

  • Establishment and expansion of the Sals Angel network


About SalsUp2020-11-24T16:05:26+01:00

As the first European-wide marketplace for innovation, SalsUp connects the smartest founders with medium-sized businesses and Sals Angels for maximum success through collaboration.
StartUps generate the appropriate sales channels for their business model and secure the necessary capital.
SMEs and Sals Angels gain access to innovative products and technologies and thus drive digitalization in their company.

A Perfect Match!

SalsUp GmbH was founded in February 2020 with a contribution of 500,000 EUR by CEO Bernhard Schindler and Co-Founder Jannis Brendel. The company is headquartered in Ergolding (HR Landshut) and also has branch offices in Vienna and Basel. SalsUp employs 8 permanent and 11 freelancers in the areas of marketing, PR, sales, development, service and administration.

During development of his first StartUp, SalsUp founder & CEO Bernhard Schindler had brought recommenders and network professionals on board in order to get key accounts. Through decisive connections of his former angels, the deals worked out and the start-up was able to grow and even take over other start-ups. Since then he knows that if you know the right people besides the best product or service, you will be successful!

Due to his entrepreneurial success Bernhard Schindler was appointed to the Senate of Economics in Germany and Austria. Since 2019 he has been chairman of the Bavarian Senate Club. Bernhard Schindler now has a widely ramified network of decision-makers throughout the German-speaking world and also speaks as an experienced speaker and panelist with profound sales business expertise at over 30 events each year.

It has become clear to us in recent years that medium-sized companies will not open up to StartUps through a single event or a quick investment. On the contrary: due to the high expenses for administration or the establishment of a special team for StartUp cooperations, many have so far refrained from doing so.
This is exactly why we are now connecting StartUps quickly, easily and digitally with medium-sized businesses and Sals Angels. Our marketplace for innovation enables successful collaboration.

We understand that the biggest challenges small and medium-sized businesses face are digitalization and the development of innovative technologies. StartUps on the other hand need capital and the right distribution channels to scale and grow. Through collaboration, established companies gain access to innovation and the latest technologies. StartUps open up new distribution channels and access to potential investors.

Even before its official launch in June 2020, the first Europe-wide marketplace for innovation generated valuable partnerships and cooperations with, among others, the Senate of Economy economy of europe, th Senate of Economy in Germany, Senate of Austria, EUTEC as well as the Chamber in Switzerland and various umbrella and trade associations such as the European Economic Forum.

The live pitching event of the best StartUps on our marketplace for innovation with medium-sized businesses! An interdisciplinary SalsUp Summit is planned for 2021, which will sustainably connect medium-sized businesses and Sals Angels, i.e. entrepreneurs*, scientists* and practitioners* with StartUp pioneers from all industries.


The registered office of a medium-sized company and the residence (or place of business) of a Sals Angel can be officially registered globally. The headquarters of a StartUp can be anywhere in the world.

SalsUp focuses on the quality of the profiles and the network right from the start. Therefore, security and reliability are our top priority. We check new profiles automatically and manually. If the information given is not true, this is a violation of the terms of use. This violation will be investigated by SalsUp. Blocking the profile and deleting all data is the first measure we take.

SalsUp publishes relevant business news, case studies, facts & figures and summit dates around the StartUp scene in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Business Insider and exclusive SalsUp partners regularly provide deep insights into their long-standing know-how in our blog. The daily advantage for StartUps, medium-sized businesses and Sals Angels is guaranteed on the SalsUp platform and the SalsUp App 24/7.

With the SalsUp App, StartUps, medium-sized companies and Sals Angels can keep track of their business even when they are on the go. Whether business match, direct message, blackboard post or event tip: with the SalsUp app, all news and updates are available and conveniently displayed on the smartphone or tablet at all times.

It’s that easy: Complete the SalsUp registration and then download the app on the App Store or on Google Play.

Yes, just fill out the form from our Partnerseite and send it to us. SalsUp will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

For StartUps2020-11-24T16:15:52+01:00

A StartUp is a recently founded company with an innovative business idea and high growth potential. The StartUp company should exist no longer than 7 years.

The StartUps have completed the seed phase, raised their first financial capital and are now in the start-up phase. In the seed phase (i.e. early financing phase), capital is necessary to implement the development of the business idea and to assess whether the product is feasible on the market. All of this is recorded in the business plan.

Start-up phase: The start-up phase is initiated by the company’s foundation and includes the completion of a market-ready product as well as the subsequent rollout. Here the focus is on the design of sales and production possibilities as well as the implementation of marketing campaigns.

(Further information: https://www.gruenderszene.de/lexikon/begriffe/startup)

Your product or service is suitable for SalsUp as long as it does not violate ethical principles.

In addition, your product is about to be launched on the market or is perhaps already available on the market. The essential pieces of the puzzle for maximum success, which you are still missing to get started, are professional sales power and fast capital. So take your chance, register with SalsUp and find your perfect collaboration partner.

We would like to support you in presenting your StartUp in the best possible way on our platform. In the registration process we ask you a few questions about your team, your product, your goals and your motivation. Of course in compliance with the GDPR.

With the increasing completeness of your profile, the visibility and ranking of your StartUp within the SalsUp platform increases.

After you have filled out all required fields in the registration process, your StartUp profile will be automatically added to the Showroom. The more complete the profile is, the better the placement in the Showroom.

In the Innovation Hub you can present your product or service in more detail. The more comprehensive and precise the information, the better you will be found by potential partners and receive more inquiries.

As a StartUp you network with other StartUps. Via SalsUp Messenger you communicate with other StartUps in a very personal, undisturbed and direct way.

Medium-sized businesses and Sals Angels can submit a match offer to the StartUp. The StartUp can accept or decline the match. If the StartUp accepts the matching offer, the match is completed and both parties see the complete data of each other. Content and process of the cooperation are carried out directly, without SalsUp involvement.

The Sals Angel or SME confirms with their registration that they will allow contact within 14 days. Should no contact be established, SalsUp will become active.

For medium-sized businesses2020-11-25T08:44:33+01:00
The registration and onboarding of your medium-sized company is especially important to us and our Corporate Consultant Team will be gladly take care of this process together and personally with you. Please feel free to contact us via our contact form.
For our Competition Fund but also for the SalsUp Select Fund 1 our investment team is at your disposal, which can be called in via the respective Corporate Consultant.
The cooperation with SalsUp is not limited in time.
You have access to all startups in the SalsUp showroom via desktop and app 365/24/7.
Furthermore you can see the selection of StartUps Selects in your Select area. In addition, you will also receive StartUps that match your search criteria as a SelectCard for download or automatically provided by e-mail if you so desire.

In the Innovation Hub you can search for innovative products and services. Filter options such as vertical markets or location make it easier to find the right products. In addition, you as a company have the opportunity to submit specific requests to which StartUps can respond with suitable offers or suitable know-how for solutions.

Yes, you don’t have to do anything further and continue to benefit from all the advantages SalsUp offers you.
If the account is not cancelled in due time, the duration of your account will be extended for another 12 months.
Regular terms:
If the account is not cancelled in due time, the duration of your account will be extended again for the same duration.
For Sals Angels2020-11-26T08:48:46+01:00

Sals Angels are private individuals: experienced networkers, purchasers, CEOs, board members and multipliers with many years of sales know-how. They know the visions of their business partners, the upcoming megatrends and the real needs of the respective industry target groups inside out. Through SalsUp, Sals Angels connect the most brilliant start-ups with the most successful buyers and multipliers, thus making SalsUp a unique marketplace for innovation that realizes sales success and profitable, stable business deals.

In order to guarantee exact matches, we need some personal information and the search criteria of a Sals Angel. Of course in compliance with the GDPR.

To registration

After a Sals Angel and StartUp have successfully matched each other, they can view each other’s complete contact and profile data. It is then possible to communicate via the SalsUp Messenger or to contact each other outside of the platform. SalsUp does not impose any restrictions here.

After the match, both parties are completely free to choose the form and duration of their cooperation and are independent from SalsUp.

As a Sals Angel you network with other Sals Angels. Via the SalsUp Messenger you can communicate with other Sals Angels and Corporates in a very personal, undisturbed and direct way.

Yes, you don’t have to do anything further and continue to benefit from all the advantages SalsUp offers you.
If the account is not cancelled in due time, the duration of your account will be extended for another 12 months.
Regular terms:
If the account is not cancelled in due time, the duration of your account will be extended again for the same duration.

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If you have questions that our FAQ could not answer, feel free to send us a message.

If you have questions that our FAQ could not answer, feel free to send us a message.

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